Where to go IN Syracuse

From places of art to golden beaches, passing through the town halls: find out where to go to Syracuse

During a journey in Siracusa there are several things to do and places to visit: Secret Siracusa wants to provide a tiny but different guide to discover all city’s beauties. The huge cultural, historical and natural heritage of Siracusa , offer to travellers different and attractive touristic experiences: from artistic sites to sports activities, from crafts fair to food and wine tours. In Syracuse is based the Faculty of Architecture actually the city draws the attention of many young people, ever more, especially in summer when the streets and the squares of historical centreget cluttered up with teens, people and vitality until late.
Then it is a very interesting destination for those who love history , you will found countless information inside the Archaeological Museum Paolo Orsi , which has areas dedicated to Palaeolithic and Hellenistic Age, Early Christian Age and Byzantine Age . In addition you can experience the fascinating beauty of nature by exploring the Capuchin’s Latomie , or join the most charming culture visiting the Municipal Theatre . The Artemision , well-known as the Ionic Temple dedicated to Goddess Artemis, has an unexpected artistic-archaeological value; it is found in the core of Ortigia Island just close to the awesome Duomo , which was already the temple dedicated to Goddess Athena. Ortigia it’s not just the historical centre of Siracusa, but even the beating heart of Siracusa. It is characterized by many streets and alleys full of club, pub and restaurants.
Siracusa is the perfect destination for those who love sea and beaches as well, due to its fascinating coastline which is one of the most precious of Eastern Sicily . Siracusa and its surroundings offer offer stunning landscapes and several protected natural areas dominated by wildlife, such as the enchanting beach “Fontane Bianche”. If you want to combine everything in a day, Plemmirio Protected Marine Area is definitely the ideal place with an incredible marina fauna and flora and also a great historical and natural value .

  • Teatro Comunale di

    culture exhibition


    when stones speak

  • Duomo di Siracusa

    duomo of syracuse: crossroads of cultures

  • Artemision di Siracusa

    artemision of syracuse – home of the divine

  • Villa Reimann

    where time dwells

  • Catacomba di San Giovanni

    labyrinth of memory

  • Santa Lucia alla Badia of Syracuse

    a church, a treasure.

  • Ortigia Island

    ortigia island, a jewel to discover


Catacombe si San Giovanni

Duomo di Siracusa

Latomie dei Cappuccini

Santa Lucia alla Badia

Teatro Comunale

Villa Reimann

Museo Paolo Orsi

Viale Teocrito, 66
96100 Siracusa SR

Parco della Neapolis

Via del Teatro Greco,
96100 Siracusa SR

Galleria Bellomo

Via Giuseppe Maria Capodieci 16,
96100 Siracusa SR
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