Discover the billboard of shows at the Municipal Theater of Syracuse


The history of a city , just like the greatness of a people, can not be assessed only by the imposingness of its artistic heritage: the past, without present or future, remains silent in the face of time. But Siracusa is not only inert, but also and above all cultural ferment which, as happened many centuries ago, finds in Theatrical Shows the maximum expression .

But where is it possible to attend Theater Shows in Syracuse ? Simple, the answer is the Teatro Massimo Comunale!

The Teatro Comunale di Siracusa has just reopened its doors to the great public and for this reason 2018 it was decided to surprise all the fans with a programming with heterogeneous colors.
Then a season full of shows and cultural events , in the splendid setting of what represents a jewel of late nineteenth-century architecture. It will therefore be possible to participate almost actively in Performances of Music , declined in all its forms, from Classical to Jazz through Gospel, experiencing the experience of a unique listening , characterized by an incredible sound fidelity.

But the shows at the Teatro Comunale di Siracusa will not only have the shape of a pentagram!
Also on the program there will be a rich array of Theatrical performances that will feature some artists of national and international fame, ranging from prose to poetry. Finally Syracuse returns to be queen of the scene and it does, after years, from the tables of a stage and not only from the cold stone of the Greek Theater .

Here you can find all the theatrical performances at the Teatro comunale di Siracusa . A big event with party theater through a program full of comedy, symphony orchestra, gospel choirs and musical performances.

Here is the billboard of the Shows at the Teatro Comunale di Siracusa

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