Emergenza Covid-19: le nostre escursioni potrebbero subire cambiamento o ritardi
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Covid-19: le nostre escursioni potrebbero subire cambiamenti

Rent your car and go on a journey through the secret places of Sicily


The Journey always represents a life experience for anyone who undertakes it.
Secret Syracuse will allow you to experience unique emotions in the company of our professional guides, who will lead you to discover the millennial history of the city of Syracuse through the culture and local gastronomic tradition.

The Secret Syracuse traveler wants itineraries that offer the possibility of living a unique, different, unrepeatable experience, wanting to return home with a memorable memory, with something more, with an activity or an experience that allowed him to to know and fully experience the historical tradition of the place and the authenticity of the territory.
The experiences are created for a minimum of 2/4 people. You can rent a car to make independent visits through the most fascinating places of interest in Sicily, or reach the meeting pick-ups to enjoy the fascinating guided tours.
It will therefore be possible to rent a car to explore the wonderfully wild nature of the Etna volcano; immerse yourself in the baroque atmosphere of villages like Ragusa Ibla or delight in typical products and local wines, or treat yourself to an exciting boat experience in the protected marine areas of the Syracuse coast.
There are thousands of ways to live unforgettable experiences in Syracuse and throughout Sicily. We at Secret can only advise you on some itineraries, the important part of the journey is up to you: the task of marveling at you.



A journey to discover the marvelous finds exhibited in the paleo-Christian sector of the Paolo Orsi Museum, dedicated to the very first Christian and Byzantine testimonies of Syracuse.

Ortigia fish market: food and wine tour

Ortigia fish market: food and wine tour

This traditional market tells countless tales about Sicily’s history and traditions.
During food and wine tour you’ll find out precisely the typical gastronomical tradition.


Erga has implemented a sustainable management system that is adequate for its size and scope. Its organization complies with all the regulations in force at local, national and international level, with particular reference, among others, to health, safety, work and environmental aspects. Erga undertakes to respect and enforce the rules of conduct appropriate to the places visited, the sea, nature reserves and places of worship. Particular attention should be paid to avoiding waste in the environment and, where existing, to respect the rules of separate collection.

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