Emergenza Covid-19: le nostre escursioni potrebbero subire cambiamento o ritardi
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Covid-19: le nostre escursioni potrebbero subire cambiamenti

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If you have chosen to live your journey more deeply and intensely, I would say you are in the right place.

Excursions in Siracusa, as well as excursions in Sicily, are designed for groups of people who want to discover the most hidden sides of the island: they will be followed by our guides through guided tours of the main places of interest and the most fascinating sites in Sicily. Siracusa, as well as its province, offers many hints to best describe the concept of excursion.

And as the name of the project says, SecretSiracusa was created to show all the most beautiful and evocative places in the city of Archimede. But it would be reductive to limit our activity to excursions in Siracusa alone. We believe that the whole island of Trinacria deserves special attention, for this reason we have included in the offer also other excursions in Sicily: from the splendid sea of ​​Cefalù to the magnificence of the cathedral of Monreale, from the wild nature of Mount Etna or the Aeolian Islands to the baroque of Modica and Ragusa Ibla.

An excursion in Sicily is a unique experience, to do at least once in your life, regardless of the name you can give to your stay on the island. Tourist, resident or simple visit of passage: it is always worth stopping one more second and treat yourself to a day to remember for a lifetime.

The mystery, the history and the beauty of Sicily, from today are within reach of Excursion, thanks to SecretSiracusa.

Agrigento Valle dei Templi

Agrigento Valle dei Templi

A journey to discover the origins of the history of our beloved island, Sicily. Once in Agrigento, we will continue with a visit to the Valle dei Templi, the largest Archaeological Park in the world, to discover the archaeological remains of the Greek period. Among Doric columns and statues of mythological figures, you will admire the majestic and imposing Temple of Concordia.

Ortigia by night

Ortigia by night

Once in Ortigia we will meet our guide to discover the historical centre of Siracusa, surrounded by magical lights and flavours. We will travel the suggestive streets of the island among night lights, colors and scents that enchant every passerby. Between stories of ancient peoples and glimpses of fascinating beauty, we will visit the most important monuments of Ortigia.

Malta – full day

Malta – full day

tangible testimony of the greatness and history of the Knights of St. John


Erga has implemented a sustainable management system that is adequate for its size and scope. Its organization complies with all the regulations in force at local, national and international level, with particular reference, among others, to health, safety, work and environmental aspects. Erga undertakes to respect and enforce the rules of conduct appropriate to the places visited, the sea, nature reserves and places of worship. Particular attention should be paid to avoiding waste in the environment and, where existing, to respect the rules of separate collection.

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