Theatrical Shows, Cultural Events, Experiences and Excursions in Syracuse

What to do in Syracuse is the question that no tourist, or resident, should ever ask. Syracuse has always offered numerous opportunities to have fun or to increase your baggage of experiences, with an offer that does not fear the competition.

What to do in Syracuse? Here are some ideas suggested by Secret Siracusa:

  • Cultural Events – A rich program of cultural activities that will be held in the places of Secret Siracusa. Exceptional scenarios, therefore, that will go from the pomp of the Teatro Comunale of Syracuse to the cold and mute rock of the Catacomb of San Giovanni with theatrical and interactive visits;
  • Theatrical Shows – The season of Shows at the Teatro Comunale of Syracuse has begun and awaits you with a series of events ranging from music to comedy. Artists of national and international fame will alternate on the stage of what is often referred to as one of the most beautiful theaters in Sicily;
  • Excursions – We believe that places should not simply be visited but lived. For this reason we at Secret offer the opportunity to participate in guided tours in the heart of the most important places in Sicily;
  • Experiences – What remains after returning home from a long journey? Some photos, souvenirs to hang on the wall and an endless series of experiences. And we believe that experiences should be made without guides, following the paths traced by their emotions