What to do in Syracuse

Theatre and cultural events, experiences and excursions in Syracuse

What to do in Syracuse is the question that any tourist or citizen shouldn’t ask. Syracuse is always providing several opportunities of entertainment and knowledge, offering something that is not afraid of competition.
So, what to do in Syracuse? Below some suggestions by Secret Siracusa:


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  • Cultural Events – A plenty programme of cultural events hosted by Secret Siracusa locations. Exceptional stages set, such as the stylish Municipal Theatre of Syracuse or the stony and soundless San Giovanni’s Catacombs where take place theatrical guided tours;
  • Theatre Events – The season of theatrical performances at Municipal Theatre of Syracuse is already started and it offers different and attractive concerts, ballets and shows. It is considered one of the loveliest Theatres in Sicily, where act great national and international artists;
  • Excursions – We think that you have to live locations, not only visit them. Therefore Secret Siracusa staff suggests you guided tours to find out the leading places in Sicily;
  • Experiences – When a journey ends and it’s time to come back home, remain souvenirs, some pictures and especially unforgettable experiences. Secret Siracusa staff believe that you have to experience your personal and unique journey, letting yourselves be guided by your emotions.