Emergenza Covid-19: le nostre escursioni potrebbero subire cambiamento o ritardi
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Covid-19: le nostre escursioni potrebbero subire cambiamenti


Find out how to reach the beauties of our city!

The heart of Siracusa is the marvelous island of Ortigia, within which it is possible to move easily on foot or by bicycle, so as to be able to admire its architectural beauty. But we know Siracusa is not just Ortigia!

There are many ways to get around Siracusa and to reach it, discover with us which one is the best for your needs!


Siracusa d’amare electric bus service (www.siracusadamare.it)

Logo Siracusa da amare

How to get to Siracusa




Central Railway Station of Siracusa (www.trenitalia.com/)
Piazzale della Stazione Centrale 21, 96100 – Siracusa.
Tel: 0931.69650


From the North (Province of Messina and Catania):
Motorway NSA 339 Catania-Siracusa, following the highway link (RA 15) to the Catania bypass
which links the Sicilian Eastern SS114 continue towards Siracusa.
Motorway A18 / E45 Messina-Catania, following the motorway link (RA 15) Tangenziale di Catania
which links the NSA 339 Catania-Siracusa motorway and continuing along the SS114 Orientale Sicula continue towards Siracusa.

From South (Province of Ragusa):
Highway A 18 SR-GELA / Siracusa-Rosolini, connects the entrance of the Province to the municipalities of
Avola, Noto, Rosolini, Pachino and Portopalo di Capo Passero
From the West:
Highway A19 Palermo-Catania, main highway axis. Reached the highway link road RA 15, Tangenziale di Catania, continue along the NSA 339 Catania-Siracusa motorway with indications “aut. CT-SR “and continue along the SS114 Orientale Sicula towards Siracusa.

BY bus

Extraurban service AST – Sicilian Transport Company (www.aziendasicilianatrasporti.it)
Tel. +39 0931. 462711, Toll-free number: 840.000.323,
Interbus Bus, Segesta, Etna Transport (www.interbus.it)
Tel. +39 0931. 66710

on boat

The nearest ports to Siracusa are in Catania, Augusta (SR) and Pozzallo (RG) Port of Catania:
Connections with Naples: TTT lines, Tel: 899 018103 (www.tttlines.it)
Connections with Malta: VIRTU FERRIES Ltd. Tel: 095.535711 (www.virtuferries.com) Port of Pozzallo (RG):
Connections with Malta: VIRTU FERRIES Ltd. Tel: 0932.954062 (www.virtuferries.com)

by plane

The nearest airport is Catania airport, which is about 45 minutes from the center of Siracusa.
Fontanarossa International Airport “Vincenzo Bellini”, Via Fontanarossa – 95121 Catania.
Email: info@aeroporto.catania.it, Tel. +39 095. 7239111


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