Emergenza Covid-19: le nostre escursioni potrebbero subire cambiamento o ritardi
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Covid-19: le nostre escursioni potrebbero subire cambiamenti

Erga s.r.l. came about in an effort to throw a different sort of light on our historical, cultural and artistic heritage, one that reflects the extraordinary and innate beauty of our towns in a more original and innovative manner.

The idea behind Erga s.r.l. took shape during conversations among friends when contemplating the stunning glory of the Mediterranean Sea, when the words we used to describe our utter amazement at the beauty to be found in Sicily, which we turned into a list for the fun of it, transformed into a desire to meet the needs of the visitor.

It is all born of personal experiences, the desire on the part of those who are native to this land and understand its peculiarities and extraordinariness, contradictions and highlights, to share it with those who visit and fall in love with it. It is from the intertwining of these two visions that Erga was launched, an idea born of real experiences, an idea conceived by those who, starting with their own experiences, want to turn Sicily into an experience that will touch the heart, an experience crafted by great professionals and quality services.

It is on this desire to make the cultural and tourist experience of each visitor an exceptional one that Erga s.r.l. bases itself. Erga s.r.l. operates in the cultural heritage and activities sector and manages some extremely important sites, but it also provides highly qualified services regarding the use, promotion and enhancement of sites as well as the planning, management and organisation of cultural, tourism and logistics services.

Through its operators, Erga s.r.l. transforms client requests into action, drafts tourism and cultural proposals that are organised, created and structured to meet every need their guests may have. Not only, but Erga s.r.l. serves domestic and international tour operators as destination managers for Sicily, and more specifically, Siracusa, by planning and running events.

With Erga 

Travelling through Sicily will be an experience rich with emotions… a fascinating and beautiful landscape in which to enjoy the beauty of a unique journey where no detail is left to chance.

Touring Siracusa, its history and its many tales, will be like removing the veil that covers the glow of a Sun that weaves the texture of the sea, like letting yourself be seduced by the glitter of the white stone that shapes the architectural masterpieces and allows the times of each era to reveal themselves to every glance with all the immensity of a story that began in 733 BCE and still continues today.



Erga has implemented a sustainable management system that is adequate for its size and scope. Its organization complies with all the regulations in force at local, national and international level, with particular reference, among others, to health, safety, work and environmental aspects. Erga undertakes to respect and enforce the rules of conduct appropriate to the places visited, the sea, nature reserves and places of worship. Particular attention should be paid to avoiding waste in the environment and, where existing, to respect the rules of separate collection.


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