Emergenza Covid-19: le nostre escursioni potrebbero subire cambiamento o ritardi
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Covid-19: le nostre escursioni potrebbero subire cambiamenti

Visitare Siracusa e l'isola di Ortigia


Visitare Siracusa e l'isola di Ortigia


What to see in Siracusa

What to see in Siracusa and throughout eastern Sicily

What to see in Siracusa, why should a tourist ask this? In fact, not many people ask themselves this question, assuming they know, albeit indirectly, the whole history and beauty of the city. But Syracuse is much more! Defined by Cicero as “the largest and most beautiful of all the Greek cities”, Siracusa is a city full of surprises, a unique and fascinating place. Its territory starts from the sea and from the beaches of the east coast and, after a flat stretch, it begins to climb up to reach the Iblei mountains. Since 2005 it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a source of pride in the Sicilian landscape. It would therefore be useless to make a list of what to see in Siracusa, you would risk to dwell too much and omit something from the list that could win someone’s soul. And then, as already mentioned, every tourist who chooses Eastern Sicily as a destination for their journey already has in mind a list of what to see in Siracusa: from the Greek Theater to the island of Ortigia, from the Archaeological Museum to the splendid golden beaches in which to relax. Secret Siracusa’s philosophy is another! This site was created to let you discover the hidden side of the city, a journey through the places of greatest interest in Siracusa, able to meet the expectations of the tourist who loves to go further. Put aside the classic tourist itineraries that are on the net and let yourself be conquered by something truly unexpected, something that, very often, the inhabitants of Siracusa themselves ignore. But it doesn’t end here! If the charm of Siracusa has conquered you and you want to take them inside for a period of time that goes beyond that of simple vacation, you can organize your event in our locations in Siracusa to make the most important moments indelible. Have a good journey to discover the hidden beauties of Siracusa!
“The theater is the parable of the world”.


The Porta Reale, the main entrance to the city, will welcome us welcoming us to the magnificent city of Noto. We will walk through magnificent buildings and beautiful facades and the majestic Cathedral of Noto


We will discover the seabed of great naturalistic and archaeological value. During the crossing, we will admire the Roman columns and we will have the opportunity to stop for a splendid bath

Agrigento Valle dei Templi

A journey to discover the origins of the history of our beloved island, Sicily. Once in Agrigento, we will continue with a visit to the Valle dei Templi, the largest Archaeological Park in the world, to discover the archaeological remains of the Greek period. Among Doric columns and statues of mythological figures, you will admire the majestic and imposing Temple of Concordia.

Ortigia by night

Once in Ortigia we will meet our guide to discover the historical centre of Siracusa, surrounded by magical lights and flavours. We will travel the suggestive streets of the island among night lights, colors and scents that enchant every passerby. Between stories of ancient peoples and glimpses of fascinating beauty, we will visit the most important monuments of Ortigia.


Guided tour of the oil mill where the techniques and stages of production of extra virgin olive oil are closely illustrated

“There you would like to live”. G. D’Annunzio

  • Artemision

    home of the divine


    Particolare del tempio Artemision

“It encloses one of the most beautiful Venus in its walls”. Guy de Maupassant

  • Municipal Theater

    Stage of History


    Teatro comunale

  • Latomia dei cappuccini

    Theater of Nature


    Latomia dei cappuccini a Siracusa

“In Syracuse there is no day without sun”. Cicerone

  • Catacomba di San Giovanni

    labyrinth of memory


    Galleria della catacomba di San Giovanni di Siracusa

“From the ancients it is called Ortigia by name”. Virgilio

  • Villa Reimann

    Garden of Secrets


    Particolare della Villa Riemann di Siracusa

  • Find out Excursions

    in the locations of Siracusa


    Lungomare dell’isola di Ortigia.


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